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Safety at work

Buy products for work protection in awn Online Shop

Recreational captains and hobby craftsmen know how much work is involved in keeping a boat. Both on deck and around the water, there is a lot to do each season to enjoy carefree water fun. For full boat maintenance of their boat, we have at awn a lot of useful articles in the field of work protection, so that the risk of injury and pollution is minimized.

Occupational safety is a multi-faceted topic

The areas of work around the boat in which one should work well protected are extremely diverse and may not always be obvious at first glance. While many areas primarily involve adequate equipment, areas such as hazards from improper working environmental conditions are also a factor that should be considered. For example, care should be taken to ensure that it is neither too hot nor too cold when working in a boat shed. Factors such as too low or too high room temperature, heat radiation, too little fresh air or even drafts can change work behavior and have a negative impact. Health or concentration problems easily increase the risk of injury. Also self-overestimation and/or lack of experience with work, which bring a health risk with itself, should be urgently avoided with work at the boat.

These are only some factors, to which we of awn want to make water sportsmen attentive, so that nothing stands in the way of a successful water haven season. For many other jobs, we can assist all recreational captains with the right equipment to perform well protected maintenance, cleaning and beautification of the boat. For example, if it is about working with solvents, paintsvarnishesantifoulings or even fine dust, as they occur in the field of maintenance or cleaning of the boat, we offer various respirators and protective goggles, so that the harmful particles can neither be inhaled nor have a chance to get into the eyes. Protective suits also protect clothing from contamination.

Hearing protection is also related to the right tools

Hazards that can arise from physical effects must also be considered in advance and eliminated through appropriate protection. These include, for example, effects caused by noise or vibrations, which can be countered by hearing protection. It's best for hobbyists and avid boat owners to find out in advance about a good selection of tools that are ideally low-noise by nature.

Don't neglect protection from biological influences

While many boat owners don't even consider work on the boat such as painting or even interior cleaning before and during the season a duty, but rather a hobby, work on the fecal tanks certainly isn't one of them. This work falls within the scope of biological agents, which further includes, for example, hazards from dangerous algae on the outside of the boat or even the influence of insects such as ticks, mosquitoes and spiders. Enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts can buy the right protective clothing and agents suitable for these areas of application in the awn Online Shop. In addition to special protective work equipment, awn naturally also offers sailing and leisure clothingbags and other useful accessories such as hats, capssunglasses and gloves, which offer protection from influences such as high UV radiation, cold or water penetration. In addition, inexperienced swimmers are advised to wear a safety vest when working on the water, which protects against sinking in the event of a fall into the cold water.

The experts at awn Service will be happy to help

This is just a small representation of possible hazards to be aware of when it comes to occupational safety. Water sports enthusiasts who would like more advice on safety and occupational health and safety around the boat are welcome to contact awn Service team.