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As water sports enthusiasts, we at awn know exactly how important the right clothing is. Depending on where we are, we need to protect ourselves appropriately from the sun, wind, rain or cold, so that we can concentrate on our favorite hobby well equipped. In addition to functional sailing clothing and maritime leisure clothing, we therefore offer a wide range of accessories that provide us water sports enthusiasts with comprehensive protection and make the outfits only make complete.

Whether you are a water sports enthusiast directly on the water or want to dress casually for leisure, a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection is a must-have. We carry in the awn online store a large selection of sunglasses from well-known brands like Gill and Julbo, whose sunglasses are specially designed to meet the demands of water sports. They mostly wait features such as floatability, scratch resistance and polarized and shatterproof shatterproof lenses and, of course, offer 100 percent UV protection. But also the necessary accessories such as eyeglass straps or eyeglass boxes to protect the Sunglasses to protect and prevent loss at sea, we carry in our range.


Caps & caps offer protection in all weather

Good UV protection as well as protection from sun, wind or cold are also offered by Musto or Thinsulate are particularly important to us. Also our exclusive brand OCEAN pro+ also focuses on water sports.


Good gloves for sailors a must-have

Sailors in particular know how important good gloves, not only in cold weather, are in water sports. A good sailing glove is characterized primarily by good protection against cold and wet, offers protection against injuries such as burns and is also durable and offers a high grip. This ensures that the sailor can handle all tasks on board with the necessary finger feeling. The preferred materials used by brands such as Gill and Musto, which specialize in water sports, are robust leather or functional neoprene, as they offer a high level of durability offer a high durability and also still bring important properties such as fast drying and waterproofness with them.


Fashionable watches with features for water sports enthusiasts

In addition to a wide selection of functional accessories, however, we at awn also offer a range of fashionable accessories that complete the maritime leisure look. Our wrist watches are not only fashionable, but also come with many useful functions that make them interesting for water sports. Thus, manufacturers such as Garmin or Optimum Time pay attention to features such as heart rate monitors, regatta functions, integrated autopilot control or even fitness trackers, which make the watches interesting for sailing, rowing, fishing, surfing or SUPing.