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Boat Equipment

Equipment for motor and sail boats

Finding the right boat is as individual as finding the right boat equipment. But when it comes to equipment, you can make your time on the water even more enjoyable as a water sports enthusiast. We offer you in our awn webshop a wide selection of equipment products for sailboats and powerboats as well as for beginners and professional athletes.

Sail and power boat deck equipment

From the sail to the selection of the appropriate clamps, there are no limits when it comes to equipping the deck of a sailboat. In addition, the deck equipment also depends on factors such as the size of the boat and the sailing area, since the selection of the ropes, for example, is based on this.

For a powerboat, the equipment starts with the steering wheel and chair and sort of ends with the selection of the windshield wiper

Always the right equipment below deck

After a long day at sea, the lower deck is where you lay down to sleep, cook and relax. Accordingly, the lower deck is like a small apartment on the water. Therefore, the furnishing of the lower deck contributes a significant part to the feel-good factor. When choosing furniture, towelsseat-cushions and interior-lighting and so on, you can give your boat an individual touch.

Furthermore you will find in the awn webshop all products to equip your pantry kitchen with the necessary kitchen items as well as accessories as well as your sanitary area according to your wishes.

Board electrics and entertainment

Motorboats as well as sailboats are mostly equipped with more or less extensive board electronics

In the awn webshop you will find, among other things, equipment products to install your on-board electrical system, connectors to connect to the power grid on land, as well as solar-modules and wind-generators, so you'll always have plenty of power even when traveling long distances at sea.

For the necessary entertainment on board, TV antennas and TV sets as well as radios that are compatible with the on-board electrical system.