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Safety on board

The responsibility for safety on board always lies with the skipper and so he must not only with his own boat, but for example also with a chartered yacht in advance that the safety equipment on board is complete. This is the only way to ensure safety on board for the crew and possibly passengers, but also for the boat itself. It is therefore indispensable for the captain to know the applicable safety rules and regulations, to brief his crew accordingly and to familiarize everyone on board with the available safety equipment for boats.

Wide range of safety equipment for boats & yachts

lifejacketsand life rafts as well as various rescue equipment. Furthermore, the range includes signals such as flags and prohibition signs, as well as items for the first-aid equipment.

The life jacket as safety equipment

When it comes to safety equipment for boats, the life jacket is one of the so-called individual life-saving devices. Modern life jackets are considered to be faint-proof because they put the person wearing them in the supine position so that the airways are clear even if the person is unconscious. So to ensure safety on board, life jackets are essential. There should always be one of this safety equipment for boats on board per person. In our store, matching life-jackets for children as well as for adults are available to ensure safety on board your yacht.

The life raft to save lives

As long as a boat is still buoyant, it should not be abandoned, but if it comes to that, the life raft is the crucial safety equipment for boats. Life rafts do not directly increase safety on board, but are used when the ship sinks. And even with the quasi unsinkable catamarans, a fire on board can lead to this safety equipment for boats having to be used. The life raft increases safety on board but only if it is easily accessible and regularly maintained. In an emergency, it ensures the survival of everyone on board, which is why our range only includes high-quality liferafts from the brands AWNSeaCurity and Plastimo can be found.

Important life-saving equipment for safety on board

Emergency situations on board can vary. They range from injuries to "man-overboard", in worst cases to a sinking or burning boat. The in our store offered Safety equipment for boats offered in our shop is correspondingly extensive and includes, for example, lifebelts, lifelines and life rings or life ladders. Emergency signals, such as signal horns, are also indispensable for safety on board. The same applies to emergency call transmitters such as EPIRB, which can also be found in our range of products for safety on board.

The basic first aid equipment

Small accidents, illnesses and injuries can always occur on board, which is why a basic first aid kit is part of the safety equipment for boats. The range for the first aid of people who have come to harm on board includes, in addition to the first aid kit, a rescue blanket and the indispensable on-board pharmacy. With this equipment, safety on board is then not compromised even in the event of accidents and injuries, travel nausea or pain.