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Sailing Clothes & Sailing Bags

Water sports clothing for any weather

Water sports always take place outdoors. On lakes and on the sea, water sports enthusiasts sail with dinghy, sailboat and countless other vessels over gentle and high waves. But the sun does not always shine during the boat trip. Now and then it rains also very hard. Raindrops, splashing water from the waves and other factors turn water sports into a wet affair. Therefore, all water sports enthusiasts need the right clothing for boating.

Water sports clothing protects against wind, weather and intense sunlight. Heat, warmth, cold and wetness alternate on board partly within seconds. The high-quality material of the water sports clothing must also not be sensitive to salt water. Therefore, for passionate sailors and all beginners on the high seas there is clothing for boating of the best quality. Since water sports enthusiasts are also among the fashionistas of this world, most of the collections of the manufacturers of the clothing for water sports are trendy in design. These clothes are so popular that many people on land also love to wear them.

Clothing for Boating - Our Assortment

Water sports clothing is offered in a wide range for old and young. Sailors are regularly pleased with the wide range of sailing clothing when shopping for new clothing for boating. The beautiful pieces in nautical designs are offered in all sizes. Lightweight boating shoes and waterproof boating boots, fine sailing gloves and sailing goggles with UV protection, as well as cozy shirts and pants are produced by many water sports clothing manufacturers. The category of clothing for boating also includes sea-bags and waterproof bags, because these complete the outfit of sailors. In addition to fine pieces for the closet, there are also maritime home-textiles for the table, chair and bed.

Modern sailing clothing - fashionable and weatherproof

Not only on board, but also on the beach, the famous oilskin is very popular. For many water sports enthusiasts, there is nothing better in autumn and winter than a walk in a storm by the sea in the weatherproof clothing for boating. The water sports clothing is suitable for everyday use. In addition to the waterproof jackets and boots, there are many other functional clothing for boating, which like to wear in everyday life. The GillZhikHelly Hansen labels.