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Kids casual wear

Maritime children's fashion - ideal also at sea

When the family sets sail, the children also have their fun. At the same time, the offspring from wind and weather with maritime children's fashion to protect sufficiently. Maritime children's fashion protects especially against changeable weather and always keeps children warm and dry. Thus, the maritime children's fashion is particularly well suited for everyday life. But also for special occasions, for which it should be chic and stylish, the maritime children's fashion, which you can find here at awn, is suitable. Children with maritime children's clothing are also suitably dressed for school or other festivities suitably dressed.


Maritime children's clothing for girls and boys in sailor style

The sailor look looks great on boys and girls and is always popular, especially among parents with a passion for sailing. However, thanks to the comfortable and sporty cuts, the maritime children's fashion is also worn with pleasure by the children. The maritime children's clothing is ideal for sports and games. The maritime children's fashion is comfortable and is offered in a maritime color concept. This makes the individual garments easy to combine with each other. For boys, the classic color combination of white and blue is the favorite. The maritime Children's clothing for girls is often held in pink and red shades, in addition to white-blue color combinations.


Maritime children's fashion for every use

The maritime children's clothing is ideal for everyday use. The nautical garments are easy to combine with each other and offer extensive protection against wind and weather.


Maritime kids clothes from top brands

Maritime children's clothing is sturdy and of high quality. Children's fashions from brands like Ocean One feature high-quality craftsmanship, chic color combinations and are suitable for any use. And children usually like the maritime children's fashion very much, because it leaves a high freedom of movement to play. In the store you will find maritime kids fashion from Marinepool. Whether pants, jackets or life jackets- there is a diverse selection of chic marine fashion for little sailing fans.


Maritime kids fashion from Ocean One


Ocean One is an established brand for high-quality and particularly functional maritime children's clothing suitable for wind and weather. But not only at or on the water - this brand for maritime children's clothing is ideal for the city and the children's everyday life.


Maritime children's clothing brand Gill

This brand offers the full range of children's maritime fashion. This includes wet and dry suits. Most of the tops of the children's maritime clothing are waterproof and windproof. Buoyancy aids are also offered by the Gill brand. Thus, the children are optimally secured during sailing trips. With functional bags and backpacks the clothing range of maritime children's fashion is supplemented.