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Women's shoes

Sailing shoes for ladies to have a secure grip on deck

When sailing, good footwear is essential to have grip on the slippery deck and to protect the feet from wetness and cold. Sailing shoes for women are specially tailored to the needs of female sailors and offer both comfort and functionality. To avoid streaks on the deck covering, it is advisable to use sailing shoes with white soles, especially for sensitive materials such as wood.

Leather sailing shoes for women: Classic and durable

Leather sailing shoes belong to the classic boat shoesThey are particularly durable and sturdy, which makes them a popular choice for boating. Some women's leather sailing shoes also offer a classic look and go well with many outfits. When buying, make sure that the leather is treated to be waterproof and that the sole is slip-resistant.

White sailing shoes for women: Stylish and fashionable

White sailing shoes for women are a stylish and fashionable choice for female sailors who want to cut a fine figure on the boat. White sailing shoes are also easy to care for and can be cleaned easily. Again, it is important that the shoes have a non-slip sole and a waterproof finish.

Waterproof sailing shoes for women

When sailing, it can quickly happen that the shoes get wet. Therefore, waterproof sailing shoes for women are a good choice to keep your feet dry. These shoes are usually equipped with a special membrane that prevents water from penetrating. Again, a non-slip sole is important to have a secure grip on the deck. Especially when it rains or there is a lot of water contact, sailing boots and neoprene shoes are practical items of clothing.

Fabric sailing shoes for women: Lightweight and flexible

Women's fabric sailing shoes are a lightweight and flexible alternative to traditional leather sailing shoes. These women's sneakers are often made of breathable material and offer plenty of freedom of movement. Another advantage of fabric sailing shoes is that they usually dry quickly and are easy to clean. Especially at higher temperatures, fabric shoes are the ideal companions when sailing.

Women's sailing shoes of different brands

There are a variety of brands that offer high-quality sailing shoes for women. Some of the most popular brands include TBS, Musto and Sebago.