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OceanTEC THERMAL PLUS Ceramic Heater

€39.99* €64.99* (38.47% saved)
Petroleum heater with flame extinguishing function

€39.99* €99.99* (60.01% saved)
previously €69.00*
Antifreeze for drinking water and toilet systems 5L

Content: 5 Liter (€6.00* / 1 Liter)

€29.99* €34.99* (14.29% saved)
AWN special petroleum 5l canister

Content: 5 Liter (€6.00* / 1 Liter)


Our current top offers:

Sold out
OceanCraft by awn outboard EFI 40 FEL-T

€2,999.99* €4,799.00* (37.49% saved)
awn regatta vest BLACK EDITION
Zugel. Body weight: 70-90 kg

Variants from €32.99*
€24.90* €32.90* (24.32% saved)
awn epoxy resin 1 kg

€29.99* €34.99* (14.29% saved)
awn Epoxy Fine Filler
Weight: 500 g

Content: 0.5 Kilogramm (€49.98* / 1 Kilogramm)

Variants from €29.99*
€24.99* €29.99* (16.67% saved)
Sold out
awn waterproof pack sack
Contents: 40 l

Variants from €25.99*
€11.99* €25.90* (53.71% saved)
Sold out
awn kapok pillow, double pillow
Color: blue

Sold out
OceanCraft by awn outboard F5 HL

€699.99* €999.00* (29.93% saved)
Sold out
OceanCraft by awn outboard HDF 15 FEL

€999.99* €2,599.00* (61.52% saved)
previously €1,999.99*

Spring cleaning with YACHTICON

Get your boat in shape for the coming season!


Out latest arrivals:

Sold out
Carbo OneTouch winch crank

€139.99* €159.00* (11.96% saved)
Sold out
Exterior block H7403

Sold out
Gill backpack VOYAGER 30 l
Color: grey

Sold out
Gill Beanie, waterproof

Gill boat shoe MAWGAN
Color: navy | size: 40 EU

Sold out
Gill Cap RACE
Color: silver

Gill children's regatta vest RACER BUOYANCY AID
Color: black/orange | size: JXL (40-50 kg)

Sold out
Gill Drybag VOYAGER 10 l
Color: black

Gill Drybag VOYAGER 25 l
Color: black

Sold out
Gill Drybag VOYAGER 5 l
Color: black


New in - pumps and blowers from SEAFLO

Sold out
SEAFLO ® Automatik Bilge Pumpe 12V Sahara 600
Varianten Auswahl: Bilgepumpen:12V-600

Variants from €32.90*
€19.99* €47.40* (57.83% saved)
Sold out
SEAFLO ® Druckwasserpumpe 26,5L mit Fünf-Kammer-Membran

€159.99* €245.10* (34.72% saved)
Sold out
SEAFLO ® Zahnradpumpe 12L/Min.

€99.99* €145.90* (31.47% saved)
Sold out
SEAFLO ® Blower 3" Motorraumlüfter 12 V
Varianten Auswahl: Größe/Spannung:3 Zoll. 12 Volt

Variants from €21.50*
€18.99* €21.50* (11.67% saved)
SEAFLO ® Bilgepumpe V350
Varianten Auswahl: Bilgepumpen:G 350

Variants from €24.90*
€19.99* €31.90* (37.34% saved)
SEAFLO ® Zerhackerpumpe 12 V Macerator Pumpe 45L/min
Varianten Auswahl: SEAFLO Zerhackerpumpen:12 V

Variants from €109.90*
€89.99* €147.10* (38.82% saved)

Finding the right antifouling

In the guide you will learn how to find the right antifouling to protect your ship safely and effectively from algae and mussels.

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Find the matching fender for your boat

The right fender can be crucial in protecting your own boat. But what size and shape is best for your own boat? In this guide you will find important information to find the perfect boat fender for your boat.

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Find the ideal life jacket

Life jackets are essential for safety on board! In this guide, learn more about important purchase criteria and advantages of the different types of life jackets.

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Buy boat accessories online 

Boat equipment 
To give your boat the finishing touches in terms of safety, on-board electrics, navigation, maintenance and ultimately well-being, the awn online shop stocks high-quality boating accessories. You will find a large selection of fenders and various boat anchors. The matching tarpaulin and antifouling products are also indispensable boat accessories. Boat fenders and boat anchors guarantee the protection of the boat, the right tarpaulin offers the necessary comfort and regular antifouling ensures the longevity of your boat. 
Safety on board 
The awn online shop stocks a wide range of boat and yacht accessories that guarantee safety on board. An indispensable boat accessory is the lifejacket. Especially in rough seas, life jackets should be worn and small children should always wear a safety vest as a preventive measure. awn offers a wide range of comfortable and high quality life jackets for adults, children and also for pets on board. In addition to lifejackets, our range includes other boat accessories to ensure safety on board. These include rescue equipment such as lifelines, emergency signals, fire extinguishers lifebelts and other rescue equipment. Flagslife rafts and prohibition signs complete the range of safety products. 
Boat technology and boat engines 
The awn online shop also stocks a large selection of outboards - in addition to the classic petrol outboards, there is also an increasing number of electric outboards. The new world of electric outboards is covered by Minn KotaePropulsion and Torqeedo
Sailing clothes and leisure wear 
The right clothing is characterized by functional elements like waterproof, windproof and durability. At the same time, sailing clothes should be fashionable and chic. Top brands in our range such as Musto, Helly Hansen and Ocean Pro+ guarantee the highest quality standards and also trendiness. 
Comfort on board 
With the awn online shop you get a partner who offers innovative comfort solutions for your boat based on many years of experience. A versatile range of comfort boat accessories transform your boat into a place of well-being. These include products for sleeping comfort, awnings that provide pleasant shadefolding tables made of high-quality teak wood and boat cushions with pleasant seating comfort. 
Over 400 top boating brands 
In addition to our exclusive brands  OceanOneOcean Pro+OceanFun and OceanTec, at awn you will find the full range of well-known brands for boating equipment and watersports. With this range you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.