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Boat Engines

Petrol outboard engines

Every motorboat has an engine appropriate for the size of the boat. The modern gasoline outboard engines all comply with the current environmental and emission regulations. Therefore, these gasoline outboard engines can also be used on all waters without hesitation. The important features that characterize the gasoline outboard engines are power and durability. With good maintenance and careful handling, high-quality gasoline outboard engines are 100% reliable in use in any situation. Modern gasoline outboard engines also impress with their low gasoline consumption on lakes and all other bodies of water. There is a choice of gasoline outboard engines with external or integrated tank. Particularly popular with all power boaters are the 4-stroke known from the car.

Petrol outboard engines range

The practical gasoline outboard engines are offered by many well-known manufacturers. Honda as well as Ocean Craft and Mercury offer a wide range of gasoline outboard engines. Suitable gasoline outboard engines are manufactured for all boats. From the manufacturers OceanCraft, Honda and Mercury are also many accessories available in the store. Therefore, to all gasoline outboard engines can be found tanks, engine mounts and countless spare parts that can wear out now and then. Gasoline outboard engines for rugged inflatable boats are also on offer. The powerful gasoline outboard engines take up hardly any space on the hull of the boat. They can therefore be easily stored out of the water in winter.

Petrol outboard engines from Honda

The petrol outboard engines from the popular manufacturer Honda are available in the variants 2s Micro 4-stroke engine to the model BF 225 for every small and larger boat. With the BF 225, Honda offers its most powerful engine for marine use. All Honda gasoline outboard engines have very low emissions. These gasoline outboard engines are also energy efficient to the delight of captains. With a tank of fuel, Honda gasoline outboard engines provide long trips at sea. Honda models are especially common for yacht tenders and slack pushers purchased for small recreational boats. Honda manufactures its engines as a 4-stroke engine.

Petrol outboard engines from Mercury

The manufacturer Mercury pays attention to a quiet working performance with its petrol outboard engines. Therefore, the gasoline outboard engines of the brand are particularly well suited for all sailors who are often on domestic lakes. Mercury's gasoline outboard engines feature energy efficiency with low emissions and easy, safe operation. Mercury offers gasoline 4-stroke outboard engines for all boat sizes. These gasoline outboard engines typically feature integrated water cooling controllable by thermostatic regulation. The lightweights among the gasoline outboard engines can be started directly via a choke. The engine and choke can be operated with just one hand throughout the trip.