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Inflatable boats

The inflatable boat - fun and utility in one

Inflatable boats stand for recreational fun. With them you can paddle across the lake, fish or go from shore to shore. So inflatable boats are versatile and have great benefits. On board a large yacht, a dinghy is also very useful for sailing on land and in shallow waters. When anchoring, this allows provisions to be transported safely and dryly. 


Buy Inflatable Boats Online

The awn online store offers a selection of high quality inflatable boats as well as practical inflatable boat accessories or water fun activities such as wakeboarding or water skiing, the dinghy is well suited in combination with a powerful outboard.


Slat bottom inflatable boats

Battened-bottom inflatable boats are also very stable and durable. In addition, they can also be folded more quickly, so that mobile use is possible. Due to the easy handling, this dinghy variant is very popular with anglers and fisherwomen. But also for leisure trips to lakes or coastal waters, the slat-bottom inflatable boat is ideally suited. Equipped are these inflatable boats with wooden slats, which are applied to the flat inflatable boat floor.


Inflatable boats - their history

Inflated floats made of animal skin were used as a means of transportation on the water as early as the Stone Age. In 1838, the stabilization of rubber by vulcanization was invented. By the following year, General Wellington was using pontoons, inflatable floats, made of rubber. Peter Halkett then constructed the famous one-man and two-man inflatable boat. The one-man inflatable could be transported as a cape by one person, and the two-man inflatable could be transported by backpacks.

It was not until the early 20th century that the inflatable boat as we know it today was developed, but without the ability to attach an outboard motor. The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 played a key role in making it mandatory today to have sufficient life-saving equipment and inflatable boats on board to rescue anyone on board in an emergency.


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As a boat outfitter and water sports expert, awn offers a select range of inflatable boats and accessories. We are happy to advise you personally on the phone, by e-mail or in our local branches.