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awn inflatable boats have proven their worth for decades, as a reliable tenders to the yacht, as a fun boat, as a comfortable fishing boat or as a little means of transportation. Depending on the use, the choice the right shape of bonde is important. There are our inflatable boat series with slatted bottom, with high pressure air bottom, with aluminum bottom or with solid GFK hull in different sizes. Our Maritim 280 is only available in the length of 2,80 m and has a wooden floor with an additional air keel. All boats are characterized by either either a small pack size, low weight, good stability, good course course stability or combinations thereof. The right dinghy for you and your you will find the right inflatable boat in the respective categories. There you will also find information about a possible motorization and permitted number of persons. Inflatable boats with small pack size and low weight characterize the inflatables with inflatable boats with slatted bottoms. The tubes offer reasonable seats, from which the boat can also be maneuvered well. Inflatable boats with aluminum floor: Practical for stowing the when it is not in use are the individual aluminum floor parts. individual floor parts made of aluminum. They are extremely robust and corrosion-resistant and offer, for example, a firm stand in the boat when a firm stand in the boat. Inflatable boats with high pressure air bottom (VIB): The high-pressure air keel offers good course stability while sailing. Its V-shape ensures good straight running and pleasant cornering. Weight and pack size remain in good proportion to the driving pleasure. sailing pleasure. Inflatable boats with fixed GRP hull (RIB): A solid hull offers hull offers almost the same maneuvering comfort as a GRP boat of a similar size, but takes up less space once the air hoses are deflated. air hoses are once deflated. Due to the stable construction RIBs also allow for higher motorization and passenger numbers. possible. Rougher cruising areas are also safer to navigate. The two large RIBs from awn are our OceanBay 350 and OceanBay 580, which you can find at OceanBay. Inflatable boat Maritim 28The price-performance offer for beginners is the Maritim 2828It offers the comfort of 3 separate air chambers, an inlaid wooden floor wooden floor, a course-stabilizing air keel, low weight, favorable packing size and weight, favorable pack size and unbeatable price.