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Sailing dinghies

Sailing dinghy as a boat accessory

A sailing dinghy, unlike a boat with a keel, is designed with the center of gravity above the waterline. Keel boats sit well in the water because of their weight. The sailing dinghy, however, gets its stability from the water pressure. The dinghy is popularly used as a rowing and small sailing boat. It is suitable for hiking tours along the coast. But also races are held with the sailing dinghies. The regattas are usually held in the months from March to October. Dinghies are divided into classes and categories for one driver and for two drivers. The sailing dinghy is also very popular as a boat accessory. The small boat is the ideal complement on any larger boat that can anchor on the shorelines. A nice, maneuverable sailboat can be used to explore the entire region along the coast. Also the trip ashore is much easier with the sailing dinghy in many places on the shore than with the big ship.

History of sailing dinghy

Typical sign of a sailing dinghy is the lack of keel. All boats built without a boat keel used to have the name dinghy. This name comes from the Norwegian language. The Norwegians called their simple boats jöll. This means hollow trough. Presumably, the first feeding troughs were also the forerunners of today's sailing dinghy. On naval ships, this sailboat was used as a dinghy because it was maneuverable and small. Today, the sailboat dinghy is subject to precisely defined regulations. Shape of the hull, weight, dimensions and area of the sails, as well as mast length and many other details are precisely prescribed for the classes and categories of sport dinghy. The small sailboat has also been categorized for the international competitions in Germany since the year 190Due to the relatively simple sailing technique, the sailboat is popular with young and old on many waters.

Dinghy Sailing as a Sport

Dinghy sailing is one of the most widespread water sports in the world. On lakes and near coastlines, these boats are on the move. Even children are allowed to sail alone on a sailing dinghy. Since the sailing dinghy is easy to transport, many sailors own their own boat. They organize themselves in clubs and perfect their sailing skills. The fun on this sailboat prevails in leisure time, because the sound of wind and waves provides pure relaxation on every trip. Nevertheless, there are also numerous regional, national and international regattas in dinghy sailing. Single-handed dinghies and two-man dinghies compete against each other. Since its invention by the Norwegians, the sailing dinghy has made a career all over the world. This recreational sport provides the perfect fitness for all ages.

Models in the shop

Both beginners and passionate sailors can find the right dinghy in the store. From the house of Optiparts there is the boat East Wave Optimist "Race LEThis sailing dinghy is an ideal entry-level model, which has official regatta dimensions. It is offered as a comprehensive sailing dinghy set. This sailing dinghy set includes both rudder and centerboard and standard rigging from Optiparts. The blocks are from the manufacturer HS. This lightweight sailboat also has a measurable sail for racing and an IODA measurement book as basic equipment.