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Rudder fittings

The rudder fittings are used to attach the rudder system to the stern of a boat.The transom fittings are attached to the stern and accept the rudder fittings attached to the rudder blade or rudder head. The transom fitting or stern fitting is mounted with two or four screws. There are versions with pins or bushings in 6, 8 or 10 mm. These versions are also available for the rudder fittings. There, the thickness of the rudder blade or rudder head must also be taken into account.Material of the fittings is cast aluminum or stainless steel. Regatta sailors who are often underway should change the rudder fittings regularly, as the bearing play that occurs with more frequent use has a negative effect on the sailing characteristics.The most common manufacturers are: SeaSure, Sprenger, Allen and Optiparts.