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Navigation & Boat radio

Navigation & boat radio for safety on the water

To ensure that you and your crew can always navigate and react safely, your boat should be equipped with a functional boat navigation system, depending on the sailing area and boat size. In addition to the classic paper nautical charts and measuring instruments for navigation, this also includes modern electronic GPS devices such as chart plotters and co. In addition, relevant systems such as AIS or NMEA networks should be up to date so that devices and boat radio function properly.

Buy binoculars or compass

In our range you will find flexible hand bearing compasses as well as built-in compasses for installation on board. Fixed compasses are available both with and without illumination. Compasses with heel gauges allow you to determine the ship's bank angle at the same time. In addition to battery-powered compasses, we also offer solar-powered compasses. In the awn online shop you will also find binoculars with integrated compass, which provide improved orientation at sea.


Buy nautical charts online

Whether electronic sea charts for the chart plotter or paper sea charts: both are part of the basic equipment on board a boat. Digital nautical charts are intended for use with GPS chart plotters, where they are simultaneously switched with a position sensor. This makes it possible to see the exact position of the boat in the respective nautical chart area. Paper nautical charts are compulsory: they are not only useful for emergencies on board, but must also be carried at all times in accordance with the Ship Safety Ordinance. In our range of boating accessories you will always find up-to-date nautical charts for popular sea areas.

GPS & Chartplotter for the overview on board

In the awn assortment you can choose between different GPS devices like GPS receivers and handheld GPS devices which are suitable for mobile navigation. Brands like GarminRaymarine or Simrad offer a whole range of functional and combinable devices. With modern chart plotters, it is possible to operate electronic sea charts. In addition, chart plotters can be connected to the various measuring instruments on board via NMEA networks. 

Marine radios and marine radar

For navigation in an emergency, the installation or use of VHF marine radiois recommended. We also offer marine radios with AIS and GPS so that you can ideally equip your boat. The use of radio equipment on recreational boats is optional, but can be life-saving, especially in an emergency on the water. 

Note: If you want to equip your boat with a marine radio, you need a radio certificate to put it into operation. This is required by law, as a radio must also be switched on and, if necessary, operated when travelling over ground.

Classic navigation instruments for seafaring

Navigational instruments for seafaring are still an important part of boating equipment today. Boat accessories such as speed, depth or wind gauges are part of the basic equipment on board. With them, safe navigation in coastal waters and inland waters is possible. But weather instruments or sextants also complement the electronic and often permanently installed navigation on the boat. Furthermore, aids such as binoculars or compasses offer additional safety for navigating and manoeuvring, for example in the event of system failures.

Tip: Especially when a ship capsizes and sinks, flexible and mobile navigation instruments on board are important. These can then also be used from a lifeboat or liferaft. You will therefore find a wide range of navigation devices in our shop.