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Navigation tools

Buy navigation equipment for training and practice

Whether for sports boat training for the SBF See or for sailing practice on board: with the right navigation equipment, you can transfer courses, bearings or distances to your nautical charts and calculate them. This enables analogue navigation independent of GPS and chart plotters. Especially in the event of system failures or other technical problems, the adept handling of paper sea charts can be a lifesaver.

What does a navigation kit contain?

An important part of a navigation set is the course triangle with two degree scales. This is always placed on the chart with the right angle downwards, so that it never points further north than the east-west axis. Furthermore, a mooring triangle is necessary for proper chart navigation: with this you can move the course triangle parallel. The zero point or mooring point of the course triangle is moved parallel to the nearest meridian, the number of degrees can then be read at the bottom of the meridian. Finally, in addition to a pencil, the navigation compass remains, with which the nautical miles shown can be measured and integrated into the calculations.

Note: As an alternative to the course and mooring triangle, a parallel ruler, course ruler, nautical plotter can also be used for chart work.