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AIS systems for boats and yachts

The abbreviation AIS stands for Automatic Identification System. This radio system exchanges navigation and ship data and thus improves safety and steering in shipping traffic. The system has been defined and adopted as a binding standard by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Why do you need an AIS system for your boat?

The AIS system is used to prevent collisions between ships. You can also get live ship positions with an AIS, although this only applies to boats other than your own. Coastal states also receive uniform information about your boat via a functioning AIS. In addition, the Automatic Identification System monitors and guides shipping traffic on shore. If you have an AIS-capable emergency transmitter, you can be located more quickly in an emergency.


Navigate better with AIS marine equipment

An AIS device can improve planning and decision-making on board. It transmits the position, course and speed of surrounding vessels. In addition, data such as vessel name, MMSI number and radio call sign can be relayed. This advance information subsequently facilitates, among other things, agreements between skippers by marine radio.


AIS in poor visibility conditions

The AIS functions independently of poor visibility conditions or radar wave propagation in case of obscuration or shadowing. This means that vessels that are not in sight or are behind a cape or river bend can also be detected. However, the signals transmitted in the VHF frequency range should be present and penetrate the obstruction for the AIS to work. AIS is a cooperative system and an active, technically functional device is required to use it.


Which AIS do you need for your boat?

Depending on the sailing area and the length of the trip, different AIS devices come into question. AIS is not mandatory for leisure boats up to 20 m, but more and more owners are opting for it for safety reasons. An AIS system is particularly advantageous on busy routes.