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NMEA2000 networks

NMEA 2000 wiring on board

NMEA 2000 networks were developed by the National Electronics Marine Association to simplify data transfer between different devices from different manufacturers. NMEA 2000 cabling on the boat therefore ensures a uniform standard, so that you can easily connect the various measurement data from, for example, depth or wind meters with those of your GPS chart plotter. All that is required is the appropriate connection point on the respective devices.

From NMEA 183 to NMEA 2000

The predecessor of NMEA 2000 or N2K is the network protocol NMEA 183. As a rule, these marine networks can be updated to the current system with the right converter, so that even old chart plotters or nautical measuring instruments can be combined with new data meters. You can find such converters as well as NMEA 2000 starter sets in the awn online shop.

Note: With an NMEA 2000 network only the data transmission of measurement data is possible. Image data are manufacturer-specific and cannot be transferred from device to device. This is only possible via the manufacturer's own network.