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Books & Gifts

Maritime books & gifts for sailors

Not every passionate captain grew up on the coast. Therefore, there are many maritime books that offer valuable advice around the topic of navigation. From textbooks to tour guides to high-quality logbooks, whose pages are filled by the captain of the ship, the offer ranges. These reference books are always a welcome gift. Maritime gifts are also great fun for landlubbers.

For model ships, calendars with beautiful motifs and DVDs with exciting stories of seafaring provide variety. Many practical gifts for sailors are available for both beginners to the sport of sailing and for true sea dogs. Maritime books often delight with experience-reports.

Trip guides

Trip guides are among the best-selling books in the field of private navigation. The sailing books report on cruises in Europe, the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Maritime books are always unique, as no two accounts in these books are alike. As sailing gifts, the sailing guides are also welcome as an idea for the next vacation at sea. Maritime gifts inspire with the famous breath of the wide world. All practical sailor gifts for the next trip are always the right choice.

Specialty books

Seafaring has changed in recent years due to computers and software programs. Still, there are many basic things for any sailor to learn that have been a part of shipping for centuries. Sailing books almost all offer a chapter on the famous knots and their importance on board. Maritime books are therefore always also textbooks. As sailing gifts, ropes for practicing the knots are a good idea in addition to the book. Other exciting topics for sailors are weather and navigation. These reference books can also make nice maritime gifts for guests on a sailing ship to prepare for the voyage. New reference books are the perfect gifts for sailors.


Every sailor who wants to drive the boat himself needs a license on many waters. As gifts for sailors are suitable all textbooks with the examination material for the sports boat license, the Sport boat license, the sport coastal ship license and all other internationally recognized sailing licenses. Textbooks are sailing books that are also taken on board from time to time in difficult situations. They are maritime gifts that find their place on every boat in the lounge or in the cabin.

Gift items

In addition to the numerous textbooks and guidebooks on sailing, captains and all landlubbers love maritime gifts. The flair of seafaring has lost none of its adventurous appeal in these modern days. That's why brass items such as weathervanes and model ships are so popular. Can also be found in the garden or party basement. Knot boards and steering wheels are the perfect decoration on board. Sailing gifts inspire people who love water, wind and waves. Bottle ships are therefore not only suitable as gifts for sailors, globetrotters will also be delighted with a model ship in a bottle as a gift for a birthday. In addition to numerous games, history books contain many interesting facts about seafaring. Not only sailing books inspire small and large sailors.