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Sailing with humor: stories from the logbook of a charter skipper - that is CAN YOU TAKE THE SELL OUT OF THE SUN? by Johannes Erdmann from the Delius Klasing publishing house.

The author and sailing editor Erdmann tells of the fine line between skipperdasein and Animateurskunst.

On board his 13-meter catamaran, he travels the Bahamas and experiences with his guests the most bizarre, endearing and funniest stories. The result is an entertaining sailing book that as lovingly as comically illuminates both sides of the charter business:
- Amusing stories of the well-known yacht and boat editor Johannes Erdmann
- Anecdotes about the adventure yacht charter and the art of making it all right
- Sailing in one of the most beautiful areas in the world: With the catamaran in the Bahamas!
- An original gift for sailors and charter fans

A book about sailing in the Caribbean and the challenge to make everyone happy

Johannes Erdmann already sailed alone across the Atlantic as a high school graduate and later set sail with girlfriend Cati Trapp to another Atlantic crossing under sail. But his most recent experiences as a charter skipper can't be compared to anything else. Entertainingly and with charming honesty, he tells of guests who charter a sailing yacht for the first time and wonder about the shadow of the sail, of supposed experts who know everything better and of families who unceremoniously plunder the ship's stores. One of the most amusing books for sailors and those who want to be!

1st edition 2021, softcover.

Author: Johannes Erdmann
Circulation: 1st edition 2021
Dimensions (LxB): 22 x 14,2 cm
ISBN: 978-3-667-11976-6
Number of color photos: 20
Number of pages: 224