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The author Egmont Friedl tells in the book \"The longest adventure of my life\" of his life's dream and that is much more than just a travelogue. He describes how he traveled the Mediterranean in 26 stages from Genoa in Italy to Istanbul in Turkey on small boats over a period of 10 years. He describes Italy as beautiful and the trip around the boot was a unique undertaking for him. He had divided the whole thing into 14 legs over 6 years. His boat was an older, open two-masted dinghy with rather spartan equipment. He then preferred to sail on a Seascape 18 for the Mediterranean voyages of Croatia, Albania, Bosnia, Greece and Turkey. He emphasizes that his takeaway from these experiences is that seemingly impossible things can be absolutely possible after all, and that after many days at sea you learn to appreciate the joy of small things. 224 pages with 60 photos. Format: 15,0 x 22,5 cm. Published by Delius Klasing.

ISBN: 978-3-667-10937-8
Number of color photos: 60
Number of pages: 224