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System requirements: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / , 700 MB free hard disk space, screen resolution minimum 1024 × 768, CD-ROM drive, sound card, online access (for unlocking the software and downloading supplementary contentWith this learning software, exam preparation is really fun: clearly structured, it covers the entire learning material for the Sportbootführerschein Binnen, gives practice opportunities and simulates the exam situation. This learning software is perfectly suited for self-study to prepare for the theory exam of the Sportbootführerschein Binnen, because probably no other learning method brings the user faster, easier and more efficient and at the same time still well trained to the goal. In the learning section, all content is explained in a comprehensible and competent manner and presented visually in images, videos, animations, interactive exercises and optionally fully dubbed or with readable voice-over text. The learner determines the pace himself, the learning program is simple and self-explanatory. In the practice section, students can train directly on the exam questions, similar to a flashcard learning system. In the exam section, the theory exam is simulated. At the end, there is a statistical evaluation and a result - just like in the real exam.Supplementary learning content and documents can - assuming an Internet connection - be downloaded and printed out in the current version. Supplemented by statistics showing one's own learning progress, the \"EXERCISE\" and \"TEST\" learning phases are ideal for exam preparation.

ISBN: 978-3-7688-9830-0

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Delius Klasing Learning Program SBF See
The following system requirements are necessary for the learning program and the question catalog: Windows XP/7/8//10; 700 MB free hard disk space; a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels; a DVD-ROM drive; a sound card; online access to unlock the software and download map exercises and supplementary content. This exam preparation helps you to get an organized overview of the entire learning material for the recreational boating license sea.

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The textbook Sportbootführerschein See from the publisher Delius Klasing contains everything you need to know for the official exam. Especially for the exam you will find here the required knowledge systematically presented and concise. Including the official exam questions and answers as well as 20 map tasks with the corresponding 20 nautical chart sections and everything you need to know about the exam. For the license for boats with engine on the sea routes, including questionnaire for the ″Fachkundenachweis (FKN) für Seenotsignalmittel″ (formerly Pyroschein208 pages, 310 color photos and illustrations. Hardcover. Format: 1 x 2 cm.

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The textbook Sportküstenschifferschein & Sportbootführerschein See from Delius Klasing prepares you perfectly for the exams. The Sportküstenschifferschein is the voluntary official certificate of competence for sailing and motor yachts in the coastal waters of all seas up to 12 nautical miles from the mainland coast. Prerequisite for the acquisition of the SKS: the official sport boat license sea. This textbook offers the entire teaching and examination material for thorough preparation for the theoretical and practical examination: for the Sport Boat License Sea, the basic knowledge for navigating the shipping lanes, for the Sport Coastal Boat License, on the one hand, terrestrial and electronic navigation (GPS, radar, AIS) as well as tidal studies, on the other hand, shipping and maritime traffic law, a practice-oriented meteorology, and finally seamanship with a focus on safety. In addition, the required knowledge about the engine, gas systems and electrical systems. And all this is summarized in small learning units and systematically presented in short, self-contained sections. It also contains the current official questionnaires for the examinations for the Sport Coastal Boat License, the Sport Boat License Sea and for the Certificate of Competence for Marine Signal Devices with the official answers. 364 pages, 500 color illustrations, format: 2 x 2 cm, hardcover.