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Marine radar

Ship radars and radar reflectors

Radar devices are not only known from aviation or road traffic, also in marine traffic radar devices are indispensable. Depending on the sensors used, radar units can display imaging or non-imaging information. In particular, rapid technical development has led to various options in radar equipmentIn addition to technical advancements, the display and associated image analysis in particular have changed significantly. While classic marine radar displays all objects in the vicinity on a monitor, radar reflectorsincrease the probability of being detected by the radar itself, especially on small boats and yachts. By the active radar reflectors occurring radar impulses are amplified. Due to the returned signals, even small pleasure boats can be easily detected, which also contributes to safety.

Environmental determination with marine radar

The typical ship radar is a location method, Which is based on electromagnetic radio waves. For this, the ship radar sends out certain pulse signals, which are reflected by other objects. The radar screen then displays the received and and evaluated echoes appear as luminous signals on the radar screen. On yachts in particular, the ship's radar is immediately linked to the respective nautical chart on special multifunction displays. This makes it possible to display the traffic situation and movements in the immediate vicinity, thus increasing safety. A good marine radar with broadband radar technology can detect not only nearby ships, but also docks or fairway markings. Low power consumption and good display with low radiation are the special features of this modern marine radar.

Ship radar for smaller boats

As marine radar for smaller boats, radar antennas such as the radome antennas and slot antennas are particularly well suited. The compact and lightweight radome antenna offers various mounting options due to its round encapsulated design and can be excellently combined with a gimbal. Depending on the transmitting power, the range can be up to 50 nautical miles.

Ship radar for yachts and larger ships

In contrast, slot antennas or slot radiators are more commonly used as ship radar on larger yachts and in commercial shipping. Especially the slot antennas detect their targets better due to their design, especially in the long range, and provide a higher resolution. Meanwhile, analog technology is also being replaced by digital radar antennas. This guarantees a better target resolution and reduces the actual power consumption. With modern broadband technology, there are also greater opportunities to share electronic chart systems and depth sounder displays. Additional functions such as radar overlay also allow the detection of moving targets and even record their speed. This makes it possible to detect dangerous approach points and, in an emergency, to take can be avoided in time. All in all, ship radars and radar reflectors increase safety on all waterways and in unknown coastal areas. In our online store we offer a wide range of both marine radars and radar reflectors from various well-known manufacturers.