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For most people, binoculars are primarily a commodity that they use for fun in their free time on land. They observe from a great distance rare animals, birds on their flight to the south and snowy mountain tops on a hike. However, binoculars are an important tool not only on land but also at sea. In particular, marine binoculars used aboard a large ship or on a small dinghy are part of the basic equipment on any body of water.

These binoculars are necessary items at sea, with which signals from other ships and dangers can be perceived early on at long range.

In addition to the first-class optics offered by the binoculars, marine binoculars for seafaring are 100 percent waterproof. Waves, sea spray or raindrops must not obstruct the distant view under any circumstances. The modern binoculars therefore do not fog up even in high humidity or when water vapor forms during a change in the weather. The perfect optics of binoculars can save lives at sea in high waves. Therefore, the marine binoculars provide a clear view even in fog, in glaring sun and in frosty night. Moreover, the rugged housings are crafted with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Multifunctional Binoculars

The waterproof binoculars that offer multiple functions are especially popular among the seafarers. These binoculars have an integrated compass, so that all captains at the helm can capture the most important data at a glance. As a rule, marine binoculars are equipped with modern magnetic field measurement, which ensures accurate results on all seas, rivers and lakes of the world thanks to automatic deviation correction. Intuitive controls of the binoculars and various scales allow easy readability, so that every distance calculation succeeds on the first try. These binoculars can be used day and night in all lighting conditions. Even in high waves, these marine binoculars are the first choice. However, these models are also popular on land, because they are thanks to the many functions all-rounders in the world of optical devices.

Brand binoculars in the shop

In our wide range we offer binoculars of the best quality of the brands Steiner and MINOX. In particular, the models Steiner Commander and Steiner Navigator inspire captains around the world. These powerful binoculars feature 7x magnification and objective lens diameters of 50 millimeters. Diamond night coating and high-definition optics make these binoculars highlights in the field of marine optics. In addition to the popular Steiner models, the binoculars from MINOX are also a good decision for all beginners and professionals in the field of water sports. For the most part, MINOX binoculars are equipped with barometers, barometric pressure gauges, altimeters, and thermometers.

The stopwatch on these binoculars can also be helpful in determining distance. Both Steiner binoculars and MINOX brand models are often manufactured with a fully integrated compass. Protective covers for the eyepiece and objective lens as well as ready bags and carrying straps provide additional comfort. All current binoculars come with manuals for optimal use, so that at sea all the functions of marine binoculars can be used in a jiffy.