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Boat trailer

Boat trailer

With a boat trailer boats can be transported from one body of water to another. On the boat trailer, the boat is safe and sound even at home in the boat garage far from the lake. Unlike the slipcarts used to lower a boat into the water, a boat trailer is a full-fledged mode of transportation that is allowed to travel on public roads. Since the year 1992, boat trailers must have a green license plate registration as soon as they enter public road traffic.

A boat trailer may only be 5 meters wide and meters high on German roads. These Dimensions apply to the boat trailer loaded with a boat. Depending on the size and weight of the boat, a suitable boat trailer has its own brakes. However, the single-axle or multi-axle boat trailer can also be braked from the towing car. The boat trailer must be regularly inspected by the TÜV. Therefore, functioning brake lights and first-class tires are important. The permissible total weight of a boat trailer results from the dead load and the payload and is determined by the manufacturer.

Assortment of boat trailer accessories

Many boat trailers have an extendable slip cart. This slip trolley is used to lower the boat into the water after transport. In addition to this integrated slip trolley, there are numerous other boat trailer accessories

First and foremost, numerous accessories are offered for securely attaching the boat to the boat trailer. From the tensioning strap to the ratchet strap to the lashing strap, boat owners have a free choice of Straps for their boat. Support wheels and simple parking supports as well as trestles for the stand of the boat trailer are also available in large selection in specialized trade. In traffic, marker lights and highly visible warning signs can help avoid rear-end collisions with the boat trailer. Once the boat owners have arrived at their vacation destination, trailer winches and keel rollers make it child's play to get all boats on and off again. Many keel rollers are available to match the hull shape of the boat. A boat trailer also finds a place everywhere, if the boat has found a firm mooring place. At any time the boat trailer can be used again on the road. Therefore, investing in your own boat trailer makes sense for all boat owners.

Keel rollers as boat trailer accessories

From the boat trailer, boats reach the lake or open water most safely and without damage via trailer winches and keel rollers. These keel rollers can be found as accessories on most boat trailers. Keel rollers made of plastic enable easy launching from the boat trailer into the water due to their smooth running. There are also keel rollers made of rubber and PVC.

The rollers are weather resistant and have a long service life. Each boat trailer includes keel rollers as basic equipment. About the bow rollers The anchor is lowered into the water. Also the stern guard protects the delicate hull when the boat is moored ashore. The side roller also helps to slip the boat from the boat trailer. All accessory rollers are made of high quality materials and ensure that the boat is slipped without damage. The side rollers are provided with an axle hole, which can be reduced by axle sleeves as needed. All rollers are best transported with the boat trailer, so that never a roller is missing. The subject of boat trailer is of great importance for all sailors to the detail.