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Anchors for motor boats and yachts

In the summer with his boat in a small bathing bay at anchor and enjoy summer, sun and sea - dreamlike. But to be able to anchor all around carefree, you need the right boat anchor equipment and of course the necessary know-how.

Boat anchor basic structure

The awn Online Shop carries a variety of different boat anchors. However, the basic structure of the boat anchor is always the same. At the upper end of the shaft is the ring, through which the boat anchor is connected to the anchor line. At the lower end are the boat anchor arms. So that the boat anchor finds better hold in the underground, there are so-called flukes or also plows at the ends of the arms, which fix themselves in the underground.

Anchor types

Basically, a distinction is made between two anchor types in the boat accessories sector: the weight anchors and the patent anchors (also called lightweight anchorsBoth anchor types are in the assortment of the awn store.

Weight anchor

For example, the stock anchor falls under the weight anchor. The stock anchor is particularly suitable for sandy, stony and clayey substrates. However, the stock anchor is a boat anchor that does not achieve effect only by its weight, but works with several mechanisms. It digs very deep into the ground, because when pulled, the very long stick of the boat anchor comes to rest, thus digging a fluke deep and solid into the ground. This gives the boat anchor the distinct advantage of good holding strength. Opposite to this is its bulky size and weight. However, we carry in our store boat anchors with foldable flunks and anchor sticks to counteract the disadvantage.

Patent anchor

Among the patent anchors (or lightweight anchors) is, for example, the plate anchor. The plate anchor is an anchor that is suitable for sand and silt. The plate anchor or Danforth anchor is considered the universal boat anchor in water sports. Due to the fact that it does not have a hinge axis, it immediately digs into the substrate. The plate boat anchor has a very high holding force and can also be stored in a very space-saving way. Even on harder grounds, this type of boat anchor finds a secure hold.

Anchor Accessories

The right boat anchor includes the right anchor accessories or even anchor harness. The anchor lineanchor winch and the anchor ball are important boat anchor accessories. The windlass is a device for lifting the boat anchor. It becomes convenient when the windlass is electric and has powerful volt equipment. The anchor ball serves as a signal for passing ships. It must be placed in a clearly visible position. Overnight, his task takes over the anchor light.

Length of the boat anchor line

Frequently the question arises, what is the optimal length of the boat anchor line. Basically, the boat anchor should still lie flat on the ground even under tensile load, otherwise it will quickly lose its grip. In addition, the anchor line is related to the length of the boat. In general, you are on the safe side if the line measures twice the length of the boat. But not only the boat length is relevant, but also the respective anchoring point and thus the water depth. A rule of thumb says that the boat anchor line should be four times as long as the water depth, so that the boat anchor has a secure hold, even under tensile load. awn carries different boat anchor lines with different benefits. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us for professional advice.