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Bathing platforms

Bathing fun with a bathing platform

Surrounded by the blue element, sailing trips on warm days literally call for a jump into the refreshing water. Bathing platforms are indispensable for water lovers and can be easily attached to the boat. The platforms are available for stern and bow and in various sizes.

No boat trip without a jump into the cool water

What could be better than jumping into the cool water from your own boat in warm weather? A bathing platform allows for carefree bathing fun and a comfortable return to the boat. Thanks to numerous shapes and sizes, there is a suitable bathing platform for all possible boat types. Bathing platforms for boats are available for the stern as well as for the bow. The high-quality bow platforms are not only particularly elegant, they can also be used to optimize sailing with Code 0 sails or gennakers. They also make it easier to get off and on board. For the stern, there are bathing platforms in numerous widths and shapes, whether pointed, narrow, wide, curved or straight stern. The bathing platforms for boats can also be upgraded if necessary. Here, especially bathing ladders are very useful, with large bathing platforms, a holder can also be useful.

Fitting ladder for bathing platforms

To make getting out of the water particularly easy, it is recommended to upgrade the bathing platform for boats with a suitable ladder. The ladders can be easily bolted to the platform for this purpose. But there are also mobile, removable ladders for bathing platforms. The fixed models are either extendable or retractable. Collapsible ladders are equipped with several joints, so they can be folded compactly when needed. The extendable versions can be easily folded to save space. High-quality telescopic ladders often also have swiveling mounting hardware that adjusts to any transom angle.

High-quality materials

Bathing platforms are consistently exposed to the harsh conditions of boating and must be of correspondingly high quality. Therefore, our bathing platforms are made of sturdy, water-resistant and rustproof materials that provide the highest level of safety even after years of use. Only select wooden step panels and first-class alloys are used for boat bathing platforms. Mostly, it is a combination of stainless steel, which is low-maintenance and durable, with weather-resistant, sturdy and dimensionally stable teak.

Various sizes and shapes

Just like the boats, bathing platforms can be found in numerous sizes and shapes. For large yachts, for example, it makes sense to have a spacious bathing platform that can accommodate several people. Small sailboats, on the other hand, need compact platforms that allow carefree bathing fun despite their small dimensions. Mini platforms, for example, take up just 27 x 36 cm of space. For a 42-foot-long boat, a 53-cm-wide platform can be advantageous.