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Anchoring in a bay is one of the most beautiful results. But choosing the right anchor depends on the type of boat you have and also on the length of the anchor chain

Buy plate anchors or Danforth anchors at awn

Modern and common anchors are the so-called plowshare anchors, also called CQR anchors. They dig into the subsoil similar to a plow, thus obtaining a very good holding force in relation to the anchor weight. Delta plate anchors or Danforth anchors, however, are now considered anchors that have an even better power-to-weight ratio.

In our awn online store you will find a wide selection of anchors

From small archipelago or cliff anchors to drill anchors, folding draglines and plate anchors to hot-dip galvanized M anchors and throw and search anchors, you can conveniently order the anchors you need for your boating trip online with us. Even if you are on the road with your dinghy and want to anchor, you can buy the right set for it quickly and cheaply online with us.

In addition to pure anchors, we also offer you suitable anchor accessories bow rollers and windlasses are part of our store's range and ensure that you are well equipped for your boat trip.

Buy swimming ladders and swimming platforms

Jumping into the cool water from the boat sounds dreamlike. We have numerous bathing platforms as well as matching bathing ladders on offer. This combination allows an easy return to the boat after bathing as well as an easier exit. Due to the different boat sizes, there are a variety of bathing platforms available for the bow and stern. Complementary to the bathing platforms can also be purchased ladders, which can be easily connected to the bathing platform.