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Mooring & Tying

Fastener lines - a must for every boat

Whether on a small or large sailboat as well as on a mega yacht, mooring lines must not be missing in any case. Even on small motor boats as well as on dinghies, mooring lines are part of the basic equipment on board. These lines are needed to moor a boat to the side of a pier. They are also used in a marina as stern or bow lines, depending on the mooring maneuver.

In addition, when anchoring in a bay, the mooring lines serve as so-called shore moorings on large stones and boulders, so that the crew can enjoy their peaceful sleep even on restless nights and in waves. According to the size of motor yachts and sailing ships, we offer our mooring lines in different strengths as well as in different designs. There are the lines in different lengths as well as with prefabricated eye splice.

Back damping - a great advantage for mooring lines

In storms and a high swell, boats are exposed to the forces of nature. Even in a sheltered marina, you are not immune to this. Mooring lines and fasteners can withstand the gusts, but they will tug on the clamps and possibly cause damage that can become very costly. With the appropriate jerk dampers for mooring lines, which we offer in our online store, such damage can be avoided. They are made of high quality rubber and guarantee sufficient flexibility. The mooring line is looped around the shock absorber and provides cushioning in stormy weather. The jerk dampers are made of a high quality rubber compound that is resistant to UV rays as well as to sea water. Different models are offered depending on the size of the boat. The mooring springs are easy to install and are designed to withstand heavy use due to their high quality material.

Good quality pays off

Don't skimp on buying mooring lines because they are your life insurance in bad weather. What do you do if you want to spend the night in a secluded cove and a storm rolls in? You need a shore line to prevent drifting or loosening of the anchor.