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Sheets in awn Online Shop

Sheets have a long tradition in shipping and they are part of the basic equipment of a boat, whether sailboat or motorboat. We at awn know the importance of high quality cordage. Our own rigging has tradition and so does the cordage and its processing.

With sheets, a distinction is made mainly between beaten (twisted) cordage and braided cordage. Functionally, cordage is divided into mooring lines, anchor lines, halyards, sheets and all-round cordage. In addition, a distinction is made between standard cordage such as polyester and polypropylene and high-tech cordage containing fibers such as Dyneema and Vectran.

Determining the right cordage

LIROScordage, for example, is one of our guarantors of good and long-lasting cordage. Furthermore, we also offer all accessories for processing cordage; be it the hot cutter, the splicing tool, the thimble, the rigging twine or even just the splicing and knotting book. In addition, you will find among other things fasteners, anchor lines, tow lines, braided lines and all-round ropes.

We offer nearly every type of cordage by the meter, allowing us the flexibility to meet our customers' needs.