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Sanitation engineering for boats

Sanitation technology for boats is indispensable on board most ships today, after all, this area relates to many issues of everyday needs. This is because sanitary technology for boats includes all areas in which fresh water or fresh water is used. In addition to the storage and use of drinking water, which is also used on board for rinsing and showering, the boat toilet and the bilge pump also fall within the scope of sanitary engineering for boats.


Assortment of sanitary technology for boats

As comprehensive as the possibilities are today in terms of sanitary technology for boats, so well sorted is our range in this area. Specially designed for use on boats tanks you can get from us as drinking water, waste water as well as fecal tanks. Boat toilets are also in the range, as are bilge pumps, sinks and showers and pumps as well as water-taps and fittings round out our range in the field of sanitary equipment for boats.


Bilge pumps for boats and yachts

Bilge pumps, also called bilge pumps, are needed to pump water out of the hull. The water, which collects in the lowest room of the ship, the so-called bilge, must be pumped out regularly. It penetrates through the ship's planks in wooden boats or is formed by condensation in what is usually the coolest part of the ship. It is practical to use an electric pump, which does its job without the skipper's intervention. However, the safety regulations for recreational boats stipulate that the sanitary equipment for boats must include at least one manually operated bilge pump on board. This allows water to be pumped out in emergencies if the electric bilge pump fails because the water level is too high. In our store, both variants of the bilge pump are available in the category sanitary technology for boats, as well as suitable accessories.


Boat toilets

The boat toilet is a luxury that should not be underestimated and is of course indispensable on multi-day trips. On today's boats and yachts, different variants of the boat toilet can be used, which is why we offer different options in our range of sanitary technology for boats.


Drinking water storage and use on board

Sanitary technology for boats also involves systems for drinking water use and drinking water storage. For storage, we offer drinking water tanks degerminated.