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Equipment below deck

Buy below deck boat gear at awn Online Shop

The equipment below deck is at least as important as that above deck. After all, what is a sailing trip without the right equipment? Whether a new set of dishes, the broken board toilet or new lighting angel when you're craving a cool drink, or the awn petroleum heater when your hands are freezing. Let our top brands like DOMETICENGELYACHTICON and JOHNSON inspire and find the right gear for your cabin.

At a.w. niemeyer, we care deeply about making your sailing trip as enjoyable as possible. So a successful sailing trip includes not only the right equipment on deck, but also below deck. It is our personal concern to make your stay on board a special experience. What could be more beautiful than to let yourself drift on the water and end the evening below deck with a glass of red wine? High quality workmanship and fair prices are of particular importance to us.

Not only the sailors come with us at your expense. Whether dinghy or motorboat, professional or hobby sailor, our range will meet every demand. At AWN, we carry an extensive range of top brands and manufacturers. Let international brands like  Helly Hansen and Raymarine convince you. Years of experience and our large customer base allow us to offer a diverse and coordinated range. We leave nothing to be desired.

Dehumidifiers below deck prevent mold

dehumidifieris hard to imagine shipping without. He is virtually an absolute must-have below deck.

Where there is water, there is moisture. Because no matter how dry your cabin may seem, moisture and resulting mold will be your undoing quite quickly. There are a wide variety of manufacturers and designs of room dehumidifiers. We at a.w. niemeyer offer you a wide range of dehumidifiers. Because depending on the type of boat, the dehumidifier also varies.

We distinguish between two different room dehumidifiers. The granule dehumidifiers or desiccant dehumidifiers work on a very simple principle. Dry granules are placed in a container. The granules contain chemical desiccant, which removes excess moisture from the air.Advantages: The application is very simple and effective. In addition, you do not need electricity, so you can lower the humidity anywhere at will. Not to mention the low price. The granule containers are relatively cheap to buy.Disadvantages: if you regularly need a dehumidifier, the variant with the granules is the less sustainable. The granules reach the end of its absorption capacity after a certain time, so they have to replace it.The bottom line is that the granular dehumidifiers are very inexpensive! They do not cause noise and do not require electricity. If used regularly, changing the granules can become annoying. Therefore, these dehumidifiers are ideal for small rooms, large closets and especially boats.Where is the difference with electric dehumidifiers? First of all, the huge difference in size is striking. Electric dehumidifiers have a compressor in conjunction with a cooling element and the associated water tank. Cold air is drier than warm air. The electric dehumidifier works on this principle. The humid air is sucked in and cooled down at the cooling element. During the cooling process that takes place, the water vapor condenses. The water is collected in a container provided for this purpose. The cooled and dehumidified air exits the unit. The water tank must be emptied regularly. In case of continuous operation, it is recommended to connect a hose for water disposal. Depending on the model, this is possible without any problems.Advantages: Electric dehumidifiers are significantly more powerful than the granulate variant. Especially in permanent use, the electric variant is much more sustainable and highly recommended.Disadvantages: you need a reliable power connection and also the power consumption is not to be underestimated. In addition, the compressors are very noisy.Conclusion: due to the high performance and fixed installation of the device, this variant is particularly suitable for larger rooms. Electric dehumidifiers are very powerful, but not particularly suitable for mobile use.

Equipment for the pantry in awn Online Shop

What's a trip on your boat without the right kitchen equipment? Hunger always comes at some point and it is all the more important to fight it tasty. At a.w. niemeyer, we carry a wide range of kitchen accessories. Browse through our selection of dishes, pots and pans and find the right equipment for your galley.
Dishes on the boat can become a wobbly affair. Important indicators are non-slip bases or even magnets under glasses. We always pay attention to break-resistant materials and processing. Many tableware sets in our range are made of melamine. A material which is considered to be particularly break-proof. In addition, the material is relatively light. Because of this, these tableware sets are particularly suitable for your boat or during a camping vacation. With us you will find special tableware from  BRUNNER.

A complete galley naturally also includes the right electrical appliances, such as grills and stoves or even refrigerators and coolers.Gas stoves are hard to imagine an optimal boat equipment without. Not every boat has the capacity for a proper kitchen. In addition, of course, it is also a question of price. An adequate gas stove is the optimal compromise to a proper galley.

However, not only on board but also on the beach, the gas stove is a useful piece of equipment. It enriches every barbecue evening with your loved ones and is a convenient alternative to the conventional coal grill. First-class suppliers such as DOMETICO and ORIGO dominate the market with gas stoves that are second to none. High-quality workmanship according to the highest safety standards in combination with modern designs make the stoves true top sellers. Of course, you will also find suitable assembly kits to optimally stage and safely store your gas stove.