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Onboard toilets

Electric toilets with chopper

On board a sailing ship you usually don't have as much space as in your own four walls. One must limit oneself, as far as the comfort on board is concerned, already somewhat bei boat toilets. The boat outfitter awn offers a selection of different on-board toilets with appropriate accessories.

What is a macerator toilet?

Who does not want to do without a certain luxury even when going to the toilet, is well served with a Zerhackertoilette. It concerns thereby an electric toilet, which is equipped with a chopper. The toilet is operated in the same way as the models you know from home. However, here the feces do not go directly into the sewer system, but into a holding tank on board the ship. The tank is permanently installed and, when full, is emptied by means of a Hose emptied.

The chopper chops the feces and toilet paper into such tiny pieces that it is almost liquid. It can thus more easily enter the tank without the risk of clogging the line. When the chopper, which sits between the toilet and the tank, starts its work, it doesn't go without making a certain amount of noise. But you soon get used to the Working noise one has become accustomed fast and one does not perceive it any longer correctly.

Electric toilets

Jabsco toilet with quiet flush functionElectric toilets don't have to be noisy. The Quiet Flush model from Jabsco features a quiet flush. The chopper is integrated into the powerful wastewater pump. The 3-way switch allows for convenient operation. You can either pump out or flush. This allows a very precise dosage of the flushing water. Through the supplied flushing water pump, seawater can be used for the flushing processes.

More models at awn - and much more

At awn you will not only find a selection of electric toilets, but also chemical and dry toilets with corresponding accessories. In the category pantry you will find refrigeration, stoves and dishessailwear for the whole family and textile-care-suppliespaints and care products for your boat, you've come to the right place. Discover the large selection around the boat and water sports in the store of awn.