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Buy plates, cups and glasses in awn Online Shop

All the furnishings on a ship should first and foremost be handy and unbreakable, so that they remain well preserved even in stronger seas. Especially when it comes to tableware, however, many want not robust materials, but also plates, cups and glasses in an attractive design. One material that combines both properties well is melamine. Melamine tableware sets are extremely break-resistant and therefore have a good longevity.

Therefore, cups and plates made of melamine are particularly popular as camping and Boat tableware and as tableware for children. It is a kind of plastic tableware, but the appearance is more reminiscent of porcelain.

The cups, plates and melamine dinnerware sets that you can buy in awn online store are available in different designs. For sailing and water sports lovers, the sets for the pantry kitchens are ideal. With us you can get different sets in typical maritime blue and white look. For example, the Highline Blue Marlin melamine dinnerware set consists of dinner and dessert plates, deep plates, cereal bowls, egg cups, handle cups and thermo cups in white with a blue rim on the plates and a blue interior on the cups, each with a print in the same shade of blue. The tableware is available on the one hand as a 16-piece set consisting of four dinner plates, deep plates, dessert plates and mugs each, and on the other hand in the form that all parts can be assembled individually.

Melamine dinnerware sets combine appealing design and functionality

With our melamine tableware sets, it tastes good not only on the ship, but also on land. Especially for picnics outdoors or eating on the camper site, plates, cups and cereal bowls made of shatterproof material are a real asset. With matching accessories such as shells, driftwood or other maritime accents, you can make yourself really comfortable on deck or ashore.

In addition to our melamine plates, cups and dinnerware sets, you can get many other shatterproof items for your marine and camping kitchen. With the Gimex board glass set made of clear, unbreakable polycarbonate, you get stylish glasses for your next board party. Whether wine glasses, drinking glasses, shot glasses or wine goblets - with odor insensitive glasses brings the celebration at sea twice the fun, because you are safely protected from an unpleasant pile of shards in a strong swell.

All-around well equipped for boating and camping holidays

Who it with the celebration nevertheless rather classically likes, finds in the on-line Shop of a.w.niemeyer also conventional glasses for juices, water or Latte Macciato. With our Caipi glass in a set of 2, the drink tastes twice as good.

Whether camping vacation with caravan or camper, camping or a beautiful boat trip - in the awn online store you will find everything for the catering, so that you are also on the road as good and practical supplied as in your own four walls feel.