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Cooling on board

For longer stays on board, but also already during day trips, cooling on board is of great importance. In areas where there are high temperatures and high humidity, food spoils quickly. Refrigerators, thermoelectric coolers and compressor coolers effectively prevent this. Specially designed air conditioners for boats and yachts also not only provide cooling on board, but also perform heating as well as filtering and dehumidifying the air good services.

In our range you will find refrigerators for boats and yachts in various designs, as well as specially designed coolers for this purpose. The offered branded devices are characterized by very good cooling performance with low power consumption at the same time.Refrigerators for boats and yachtsRefigerators for boats and yachts are virtually part of the basic equipment in terms of cooling on board. Our built-in refrigerators can be perfectly integrated into the equipment of their yacht. You will receive from us only high-quality refrigerators for boats and yachts of the brands Engel and Dometic.

The models differ thereby in Design and equipment, so that for each taste the correct refrigerator should be present. From the basic model to the luxury class refrigerators for boats and yachts are available in the store. Some models are even tropicalized.

Refrigerators for boats and yachts

Who only occasionally needs cooling on board for food or drinks, simple cooler bags already perform well. Some models can be connected to the on-board 12 V network and thus provide even longer cooling on board. We offer cooling boxes for boats and yachts in different variants. Thereby we make sure to offer you only branded devices with appropriate quality and high efficiency. In the assortment we lead thermoelectric high-tech coolers for boats and yachts from Dometic (Waeco) as well as built-in coolers from ENGEL. In addition, there are compressor coolers for boats and yachts from Waeco and Engel. Compressor coolers for boats and yachts are characterized by the fact that they provide the desired cooling on board completely independent of the ambient temperature. The efficiency is particularly high and the cooling temperature adjustable.Air conditioners for boats and yachtsApart from cooling for drinks and food, general cooling on board is also an important issue. After all, even if hot temperatures are the best for swimming, most people are happy to retreat to a somewhat cooler place in between.

Air conditioners for boats and yachts can but even more than just cool. In addition to the cooling on board they take over namely also the heating of the cabin and dehumidify and filter the air. In our store you will find air conditioners for boats and yachts from the brand Dometic.