ENGEL mounting kit TRANSIT slide-lok


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Product number: 213580
Weight: 1.27 kg
Accessories from ENGEL: Mounting plate for secure mounting of the cooler models MT-17, MT-27, MT-35 and MT-45 on boats or vehicles. The plate of the mounting kit is screwed to stable ground.

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ENGEL MT-45-FS cooler with digital thermometer
The ENGEL MT-45-FS cooler is identical in construction to the MT-45-F cooler, but also has a digital thermometer. In addition, it comes instead of the color gray in the noble silver metallic. Otherwise, like the MT-45-F, it is also made of stove-enameled sheet steel and is infinitely variable. It cools in a range from 5°C to -18°C and has supply voltages of 12 V, 24 V and 30 V. Solar operation is possible. Solar operation is possible. Weighing 24 kg, it has an average running time of tu = 25 % at 20 °C and tu = 40 % at 30 °C.