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Sailing equipment

Buy everything for your sailboat

To equip a sailboat properly, it depends on the size of the boat on the one hand, and on the sailing area on the other hand. At awn you will find a wide range around the topic of sailing equipment. No matter if you own a sailing yacht or a sailboat: Here you will find the right equipment.

Boom, mast and sail

The ship's mast is mainly responsible for carrying the sail. However, it now also performs the function for mounting radio antennas, position lights as well as radar reflectors etc. In addition, fittings such as a mast slide stopper are attached to the mast.

The boom is used for rigging and trimming the sail. Equipment products such as a boom kicker, which you can purchase from our web store, can make sail trimming easier.

The list of different types of sails is incredibly long. When choosing the right sail or sail, factors such as the type of boat as well as the sailing area come into play. To enjoy the sail for a long time, it must be maintained and protected. In the awn online store you will find sail cleaners and protective covers from Persenning.

Rolling reefing systems and winches

With the help of a furling system, a sail can be reduced in size and completely recovered after the trip or during a storm.

On the one hand, there are reefing drums that are manual or electric and, if necessary, powered by winches These devices wrap the headsail to the forestay. However, the roll reefing system can also be attached to a mainsail, which wraps the sail around the boom when reducing or recovering.

In our awn store you will find not only reefing drums and systems, but also useful accessories.

Buy ropes at awn

Ropes or also lines serve different purposes on the sailboat: On the one hand, you need ropes for setting or adjusting sails (trimming), and on the other hand, they are used for mooring at the jetty.

In the awn webshop you will find not only a wide range of ropes, but also all other products related to ropes, such  as shrouds and stays.

Other sailing equipment accessories

No matter what you need or prefer, you can find the right accessories in the awn online store. And there are equipment items that you can always use. These include, for example, clamps in any design.