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Winches reduce the loads used to pull on lines, halyards and sheets. The interior of a winch consists mainly of a planetary gear. Around the centrally located sun gear sit several planetary gears, which engage in the sun gear.In turn, pawls engage in the planetary gears, which are repeatedly engaged with the springs in the individual teeth and prevent the planetary gears of the winch from running back.

Winches are available in several sizes, as input or multi-turn winch, manually, electrically or hydraulically operated, with or without self-tailer. On smaller boats, a manual input winch is usually sufficient. On larger boats with heavier loads, 2, or 3-speed self-tailing winches are often used, and these are also more often electrically or hydraulically operated.

A hydraulic drive is often advantageous when there is already a central hydraulic unit , with which the winches simply need to be connected.

On the right size of the winch decide factors such as the sail area and the boat weight. A line guide (self-tailer) is convenient because it inserts and holds the line in the upper rim without having to run it over a stopper or clamp. The Self-Tailer also minimizes the risk of fingers or clothing getting caught in the winch. At awn, we offer winches in stainless steel, chrome, aluminum or carbon. Manufacturers are: Andersen, Harken, Lewmar, Pfeiffer, Barton, Antal and Selden. In addition, awn naturally also offers the necessary accessories for the winches. These include winch cranks, winch grease, winch covers, crank bags, service kits, pawls and springs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or contact our service department. We will be happy to help you.