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Deflecting rollers & Blocks

Large selection of blocks and accessories

Lines, ropes and ropes can be found on board every boat. Sailboats, however, need a few more ropes. For ease of use, ropes are often directed to where they are needed using blocks. awn's store offers a wide range of blocks in various designs and corresponding spare parts and accessories.


What is a block?

In connection with sailing and water sports, you often hear the term block. It is a housing in which there are one or more rotating discs. To simplify the operation of a sailboat, the direction of pull of the cordage is changed by means of the blocks. The traditional blocks of a sailboat are still made of wood. Modern blocks have a housing made of plastic, aluminum or steel. Either polyamide, polyurethane or hard fabric is used for the sheaves.

For a reduction in running resistance, all sheaves of a block are mounted on ball bearings. Some models have a so-called plain bearing. This bearing allows higher loads while requiring less maintenance. The size and design of the blocks depend on the type of use. Blocks are also used to deflect ropes so that they do not become a tripping hazard on board.


What types of blocks are there?

We speak of a multi-disc block when there are several discs in the housing. These rotate around different or a common axis. Another type is the violin block. This is a special form of the multi-disc block. The housing has approximately the shape of a violin. In the housing there are two discs of different sizes on different axes. They are often used on dinghies.