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Heaters & Accessories

Heaters for boats

For ambitious sailors and passionate boating enthusiasts, sooner or later the question arises about the sense of a heater for boats. With a space-saving heater on board, cozy warmth is always provided without the need for oodles of blankets or warming jackets need to be carried. If it gets cold, simply turn up the heating on board and the evening can still be enjoyed on deck under the stars without freezing or being wrapped up thickly. For which heater on board the decision is made, depends largely on the size of the boat and the expected cruising area depends.

Petroleum heaters on board

Traditionalists resort to petroleum heating for boats. This has stood the test of time for centuries, but is not among the most cost-effective options for on-board heating, as the petroleum usually has to be purchased at a premium on land. For this reason, an economical petroleum heater is recommended for boats, spreading cozy warmth in the cabin for a few hours. The advantage of a portable kerosene heater is that it can also be used in the Garage or when camping can be used.

Caution: For safe use, this heater for boats should be used only in ventilated rooms and should be equipped with a flame extinguishing function. be.

Diesel heaters for boats and yachts

In contrast to the petroleum heater, the diesel heater for boats is much more effective and can be excellently adapted to individual needs. It is available in many different sizes and is even used in arctic regions. A striking advantage of diesel heating on board is that a diesel tank is usually already on board and diesel is easy to get in all ports. In addition, a diesel stove can be in operation for months, does not require supervision or maintenance, and can be used not only as a boat heater, but also as a cooking stove or connected to the Hot water heating system. However, the diesel tank must be large enough to also hold the fuel for the heater or have a filtration system to minimize environmental impact. Air Top or the Aeroheat diesel heaters CLASSIC KIT and MARINE KIT are among the leading products in this field. But also the products of WALLAS are worth a look. 

On deck: gas radiant heaters for boats

For moderate temperatures and outdoor use, a gas-powered radiant heater is suitable for on-board heating. The odor nuisance is kept within limits and can be compared approximately with that of a gas stove. For safety reasons, care should be taken to ensure that the radiant heater switches off automatically if it tips over, if the flame goes out, or if there is insufficient oxygen is available. The radiant heater should also not be left in operation unattended. Gas cartridges are inexpensive and readily available on land. A gas checker and level indicator are practical additional investments for gas radiant heaters.

Electric heaters

Heaters on board that are powered by electricity work perfectly in most cases, can be left running without supervision, and usually distribute heat beautifully throughout the entire Yacht when they act as the central electric heater on board. It is operated simply by pressing a button. Stand heaters are still in addition relatively favorable in the acquisition, need however a high measure of maintenance and are more failure-prone than for example one heating for boats with diesel. It must also be remembered that adequate heating on board is dependent on shore power. A compact, but due to the ECO mode also on the road usable heating solution is our OceanTEC THERMAL PLUS ceramic heater, which can also be used as ventilation on warm days.