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Petroleum heater with flame extinguishing function


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Product number: 210886
Weight: 5.3 kg

The particularly versatile OceanTEC petroleum heater impresses with a high level of safety thanks to constant quality controls and an automatic flame extinguisher, which provides additional protection on board. If this heater falls over in cold weather in heavy seas aboard your sailboat or motorboat, it may prevent a serious fire. The flame will automatically go out in this case.

Qualitative petroleum heater

Thanks to the large liter fuel tank with level indicator and durable fiberglass wick, you can heat up to 15 hours and provide warmth and comfort. Even as a makeshift stove, the heater can be used. Just put the cooking pot on it and start cooking. Secure stand due to large support surface. Space-saving dimensions: 44 cm high, diameter 31 cm, kg empty weight.


Features and benefits:

  • Liter tank for up to 15 hours of burn time
  • Can also be used as a camping stove
  • Level indicator
  • Maximum heat output 2,700 watts
  • Automatic extinguishing of the flame in case of a fall


Important note: Use only in ventilated rooms

Article: heater
Fuel: Petroleum
Power: 2300 W
Product height: 44 cm
Tank capacity ( in liters): 3,3 L
properties: Automatic flame extinction function
Ø: 31 cm

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