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Boat lighting for safety and comfort

On what water, extensive boat lighting is essential for safety reasons. Both in inland waters and on the high seas, boats can navigate safely thanks to position lights, for example. This type of boat lighting is obligatory, even for inflatable boats or canoes. But reliable and sufficient boat lighting is also important for activities on deck and below deck, as the light in the harbour or bay is not necessarily sufficient. When visibility is poor due to the weather, the right lighting for boats can also ensure greater safety on board.


Interior boat lighting

With the right interior lighting, i.e. lighting below deck, you can create a homely ambience. Whether in the galley, cabin or berth: in the awn online shop you will find various LED boat lights that can be connected to boat batteries. You can also read your nautical charts easily in poor lighting conditions thanks to practical table lights for boats.

Tip: If your boat lighting is LED, you will be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than with other light sources.

Boat lighting on deck

While position lights are mandatory for boat lighting, deck lights and searchlights on board are an individual addition to the safety equipment.


Paraffin lamp on board

Petroleum lamps or storm lanterns are considered the classics on boats and for camping. The nostalgic lamps are powered by paraffin and can therefore be operated independently of the on-board power supply. Thanks to their compact size, they can be stowed or transported on board to save space.