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Inverter for boats & yachts

A modern inverter changes the voltage of the current. This change of the power voltage is often necessary when traveling, because not all countries in this world have the same voltage in the line. Therefore, the inverter for boats and yachts is also part of the basic equipment on board a ship. With a voltage converter for boats, all electrical devices that operate on 230 V AC can also be powered by a simple battery will find a permanent place on any large or even smaller vessel. The boat battery, based on a voltage of 12 V or 24 V direct current, becomes a source of 230 V alternating current via the inverter for boats and yachts. This means that electric toothbrushes, cell phones and tablet PCs can be used day after day, even on long trips. The inverter for boats and yachts makes life on board comfortable. Guests and crew can enjoy their usual modern comforts.

Sine wave inverter sinusoidal inverter for boats and yachts

Boat owners have a choice between a sine wave inverter and a sine wave-like inverter for boats and yachts to equip their boat. The sine-wave-like models are less powerful than the sine-wave variants. Nevertheless, they can be the right choice for short trips on inland waters. In any case, an inverter for boats and yachts provides a 230 V power source. The inverter for boats can feed both coffee maker and microwave. The sine wave inverter for boats and yachts best supplies the electrical appliances with the 230 V voltage, as it almost ideally replicates the usual mains voltage of 50 Hz. However, the clocked square wave voltage of the sine wave like voltage inverter for boats also performs well. The sinusoidal inverter for boats and yachts, however, only runs similar to a sine wave when converting the voltage. The high frequencies are characterized by limited pulses. For sensitive devices, the proven sinusoidal Inverter better suited.

High quality inverters in the shop

In our store we offer the right inverters for every boat and all waters. Very popular are the models of Dometic(formerly Waeco), as these inverters for boats work very reliably in daily use.