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Switches & Fuses


The individual consumers present on board are combined into circuits and must be fused according to their rated current. They can be switched separately according to time requirements. As a rule, the following components are switched and fused individually: position lighting, anchor lantern, steamer light, deck lighting, lighting below deck, refrigerator, heating, toilet, fecal, bilge, water and sewage pump, windshield wiper. All electronics on board such as navigation instruments (e.g. echo sounder, speedometer, anemometer), VHF radio and AIS, GPS plotter, autopilot, radar, music system, etc. For the clear labeling of the individual circuits there are suitable stickers. For this purpose, thermal rocker circuit breakers or circuit breakers with separate switch and LED indicator light are installed in so-called switch panels. Fuses from 2 A to 20 A can be used to protect the individual circuits. In the event of a short circuit or overload, the fuse or the rocker switch jumps to the off position. It cannot be switched on again until the short circuit has been found and eliminated. High current consumers such as windlasses and bow thrusters can be protected by strip fuses (35 A - 500 ASupply lines to control panel, windlasses.