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Solar panels

With solar technology for boats always power on board

The generation of energy is of great importance on board, which is why solar panels for boats and yachts are becoming increasingly popular. Finally modern boats and yachts often have a variety of electrical systems and equipment. In this regard, solar power systems for boats and yachts offer the possibility of independent power generation. Thus, one is not dependent on the power grids in the harbor and can plan his trips much more independently. Solar modules for boats and yachts allow the batteries for the electrics and small devices to charge independently. In addition, exposed locations for installing on-board solar technology can be found on the deck of nearly every boat. For this reason, solar systems for boats provide a measure worth considering for self-sufficient energy generation and energy conservation. Because the sunlight, which hopefully accompanies the skipper on many days accompanies, is an extremely productive energy source and can be made by solar plants for boats economically usable.

Silicon solar panels

Photovoltaic systems or solar panels for boats and yachts are generated from silicon cells. These components enable sunlight to be converted into electrical energy. One distinguishes three different cell types and speaks of monocrystalline, polycrystalline as well as amorphous solar cells. Monocrystalline silicon is a high-purity semiconductor material and guarantees particularly high efficiency when used in solar systems for boats. The production of polycrystalline solar cells is more cost-effective. In this process, liquid silicon is cast into blocks, resulting in crystal structures of different sizes, whose efficiency is lower than that of the high-purity material. Solar systems for boats and yachts with polycrystalline cells therefore represent an alternative with a good price-performance ratio. If the silicon is deposited on glass or another substrate material for on-board solar technology, these are referred to as thin-film cells or amorphous silicon cells. Although these solar cells can be produced very cost-effectively, they can only be used for small devices due to their low efficiency. For this reason, their suitability as solar modules for boats and yachts is rather limited.

Attaching solar panels to the boat

Solar panels for boats and yachts ideally find their place on deck. Here, the sun's rays can be used optimally. Various options are available for mounting the solar technology on board. Solar modules can be for boats and yachts can be either permanently installed or flexibly and movably mounted. The fixed installation of the solar technology on board is the easiest and fastest to realize. The solar panels can either be screwed on or glued on. Existing open spaces on deck can thus be used for energy generation without much effort. used to generate energy. More flexible is the installation of solar technology on board by using rotatable mounts. These can be aligned according to the sun's rays and thus achieve a higher degree of efficiency. Who uses the solar panels for boats and yachts, however, only as an additional source of energy and does not want to deal more intensively with the issue, is also well advised with permanently installed panels.

Assortment of solar panels for boats in the shop

We offer photovoltaic solar modules for boats and yachts in our store, which are designed for the conditions on board. Fans of self-sufficient energy generation who want professional solar systems for boats and yachts are well advised, for example, with the Sunbeam modules.