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Petroleum lamps

Petroleum lamps

In addition to the technical equipment and personal needs, living on a boat undoubtedly includes the petroleum lamp. As signal lamp, storm lantern or as quite normal lighting on the boat, these special lamps find here their meaningful use.

Different types of kerosene lamps

The classic kerosene lamp consists of a tank for the kerosene, a burner and wick, and a glass cylinder. Depending on the model, both the burner and the glass cylinder may differ and provide different handling. In particular, the petroleum lamp Petromax from Feuerhand is characterized by the best workmanship and is perfect for use on the boat. While a kerosene lamp requires more maintenance than an electric lamp, it is the perfect alternative for lighting in stormy weather and when the electric system fails.

The fire hand storm lantern is made of galvanized material, which is resistant to corrosion. For this reason, it can withstand the weather conditions and humid climate at sea. As a position lantern, it also does not require electricity, relieving the strain on the boat's power supply.The special high-intensity lanterns differ from the classic kerosene lamp by the burning technology and the light generation. By vaporizing gasoline or kerosene, a particularly high light output is achieved, which is especially important on large ships or in poor visibility conditions.

The kerosene lamp in use on the boat

Many still know the kerosene lamp as a typical construction site lantern for safeguarding in road traffic. But the kerosene lamp itself has long been used as a storm lantern on boats. The classic kerosene lamp also finds its place in the interior and in the cockpit of the ship. Especially the kerosene lamps of the company Feuerhand have been developed especially for the weather conditions on the water and have an additional storm lantern. and have an additional storm cap. The operation of kerosene lamps with a wick is based on a physical principle. For many centuries, light has been produced by burning vegetable oils or animal fats with the help of a highly absorbent material such as cotton. However, these results were never satisfactory. However, these results were never satisfactory, and it was not until the discovery of mineral oils such as petroleum that a major technical advance was achieved. Even today, petroleum or special lamp oil is perfectly suitable for lamps with a wick suitable. The color of the glasses also determines the purpose of use, so kerosene lamps with red, yellow or green glasses can also be used as a position lamp. Depending on the burner used, the brightness is also more intense or weaker. Compared to the storm lantern, the kerosene lamp is also suitable for use in the cabin. suitable, because many storm lanterns may not be used indoors due to their mode of operation.

Matching accessories

In our online store, in addition to the Petromax petroleum lamps, we also offer the matching accessories round burner wicks, reflectors and, of course, the matching kerosene. With the 15-piece Petromax wear parts set, you also get all the important wear parts in one package. Wearing parts such as the wick or the burner must be renewed regularly, so that the use of the kerosene lamp in an emergency is secured.