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Fenders are used to safely protect the boat and are therefore an important boat accessory. Boat fenders prevent the excessive appearance of scuffs or wear marks. Especially during mooring maneuvers in the harbor, fenders prove to be very useful and downright indispensable. During mooring maneuvers, fenders protect both your own boat and other people's property, such as the harbor facilities. The fenders prevent contact between the boat and the jetty or other boats, which cannot be ruled out when maneuvering. Thus, boat fenders serve as shock absorbers and spacers, which are attached to the side of the boat with the help of fender lines. These are more suitable than common ropes for attaching fenders due to their soft consistency.


Fender types

In the past, pillows made of leather or cordage were used as boat fenders. For very large vessels, car tires or wooden beams are also often used as fenders nowadays, especially in inland navigation.


Plastic fenders

For powerboats, yachts and sailboats this use is uncommon and not very suitable. Here it is recommended to use the spherical or barrel-shaped fenders made of plastic and filled with compressed air. The boat fenders are usually attached to the railing.

In addition to the boat fender, it is also recommended to attach additional fenders at your own mooring in the harbor. For this purpose, the Bumper-stir fender which facilitate the mooring and protect the boat from wear marks. There is also a suitable protection for dolphins, the dolphin fender. The cushion-shaped fenders are attached to the dolphin so that no more damage can be done to the boat. However, these fenders in no way replace the boat fenders, because after all, you do not always moor in the home port and should be prepared for any situation with a wide range of boat fenders.


Fenders in all sizes and shapes

awn offers a wide range of fenders. Be it classic boat fenders or yet special, such as bow fenders or stern fenders. The size of the boat fenders depends on the size, length, weight, and type of boat. As a basic rule, it is better to have somewhat larger fenders on board than too small ones. It is also useful to carry different boat fenders to be able to respond appropriately to a variety of situations.


Ball fenders

Ball fenders primarily ensure good distance. The barrel-shaped fenders have the advantage that they can be used horizontally as well as vertically. Boat fenders for bow or stern are mainly used on rough waters and where it is common to moor with bow or stern.


Stowing fenders properly

Also stowing the fenders should be as practical as possible. For this purpose, different accessories - such as fender baskets - are suitable. . It is also important to have a fender pump on board. This makes it much easier to inflate and re-inflate the fenders. A large boat fender selection as well as suitable boat fender accessories offers you the awn Online Shop.


Tips around boat fenders

  • Not too small fenders use - the size depends on the size of the boat
  • Always keep extra fenders on hand, which can be used spontaneously.
  • Also attach boat fenders to the jetty for protection, to make mooring as comfortable as possible
  • Use appropriate fender accessories