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Jerk dampers

Jerk dampers for mooring lines

Jerk dampers for mooring lines are a popular boat accessory. Jerk dampers are special devices used to keep the boat safe and stable while moored at the jetty or in the harbour. They reduce the force exerted on the mooring lines and cleats when the boat is moving in the water. In this way, they prevent the corresponding boat lines from tearing or loosening.


Advantages of jerk dampers

Boat line shock absorbers absorb the movement of the boat, reducing the stress on the mooring lines. By keeping the boat stable, shock absorbers also prevent it from hitting other boats or obstacles. In addition, movement in the water is reduced and the overall harbour stay is more comfortable.


How do you choose the right shock absorber?

There are some important factors to consider when choosing jerk dampers: for example, it is important that the jerk dampers are suitable for the size and weight of your boat. There are different jerk dampers, for example, made of rubber or stainless steel. When making your choice, always take into account the weather conditions, including swell and wind.