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RIB boats

Buy inflatable boats with solid hull bottom

awn inflatable boats have proven themselves for decades, as reliable tenders to the yacht, as a fun boat, as a comfortable fishing boat or as a means of transport. Depending on the use, the choice of the appropriate bottom shape is important. Learn more about the robust rigid hull inflatable boats here.


Compact and lightweight inflatable boats with GRP bottoms

All boats are characterised either by a small pack size, low weight, firm stand, good course stability or a combination of these. You will find the right inflatable boat for you and your intended use in the respective categories, such as slat-bottomed inflatable boats or air-bottomed inflatable boats. There you will also find information about a possible motorisation and permitted number of persons. The inflatables offer sensible seating from which the boat can also be manoeuvred well.


Inflatable boats with aluminium floor

Practical for stowing the inflatable boat when it is not in use are the individual aluminium floor parts. They are extremely robust and corrosion-resistant. Inflatables with a high-pressure air bottom (VIB) offer good course stability when sailing thanks to the high-pressure air keel. The V-shape ensures good straight-line running and pleasant cornering behaviour. Here, too, weight and pack size remain in good proportion to the sailing pleasure.


Inflatable boats with a solid GRP hull (RIB)

A rigid hull offers almost the same manoeuvring comfort as a GRP boat of similar size, but still takes up less space once the air hoses have been deflated. Due to the stable construction, higher motorisations and numbers of persons are also possible with the RIBs. Rougher sailing areas are also safer to navigate.