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Life jackets

Buy life jackets in awn Online Shop

Whether motor boaters, sailors, canoeists or even just paddlers, a life jacket is one of the most important accessories for all kinds of boats and of course for other water sports, because it saves lives. The life jacket is usually equipped with a collar that ensures that the swimmer is automatically turned onto his back when the boat capsizes. Thus, the head is supported by the collar and the victim is allowed to breathe, even if he is unconscious.

At the same time, the life jacket protects the swimmer from drowning due to its high buoyancy. In the awn Online Shop there is the suitable life jacket for adults, small children's life jackets and also Dog vests. Especially for non-swimmers on boats, a life jacket is a requirement. The life jacket is basically worn over the clothes and it should also fit tightly, so that there is no more space above the chest and also under the arms. The life jacket also protects against injury to the upper body, provides protection from the cold and a means of access for rescuers.


Different types of life jacket

We carry the automatic life jacket and also the solid-life-jacket in awn Online Shop. Featuring polyethylene foam filling, the solid life vest is lightweight and easy to store.

Except for the polyethylene foam filling, the jacket of the life jacket is usually made of 100% polyester and is comfortable to wear. In the inflatable life jacket, a mechanism fills gas into the buoyancy bodies of the life jacket, so that the swimmer floats on the water. To prevent you from going overboard in rough To prevent you from going overboard in rough seas, there are also a number of accessories for the life jacket, such as the so-called lifelines. These lifelines are provided at the ends with snap hooks, which allow easy hooking to the rings of the life jacket or also to the boat. boat. Another helpful accessory is the sea-emergency-light, which activates automatically when wet and can be switched off manually.

Practical buoyancy aids also include regatta vests, most of which are cut short and feature a neoprene jacket and adjustable shoulder straps.


Children's lifejacket

The children's life jacket should be perfectly adapted to the size And the weight of the child to be adapted. So that the children floating in the water are well seen, there is the life jacket mostly in bright colors.

Advisable for children is the life jacket made of Solid, which is additionally equipped with a signal whistle, so that the child can also draw attention to himself.


The maintenance of the life jacket

Despite good material, life jackets should be maintained regularly. Normally, the life of the life jacket is limited to a maximum of ten years, but only if the life jacket is maintained every two years. years.After the 10 years, the lifejacket must then be inspected annually or it will be discarded for safety reasons due to brittle or torn material. The lifejacket can be damaged by tears, cuts, color changes or defects in buoyancy due to sun and heat. sun and heat development can lead to life-threatening impairments in an emergency. Anyone who is unsure whether the life jacket can still be used should have it checked.