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First aid

First aid on board

awn offers first-aid bags and first-aid cases with different equipment for the different sailing areas. From the simple first aid bag for the small purse to the SN CD first aid kit with the standard equipment according to DIN 13157 to the Sailing first aid kit, awn offers the right equipment for every need.


Ideal basic equipment: "Sailing" first-aid kit

This set includes a special compilation for all coastal ships, ocean-going yachts, passenger and fishing ships that rely on direct self-sufficiency. The content is splash-proof and consists of an extensive and high-quality filling, including aluderm® bandages, aluderm®-aluplast plaster wound bandages, universal QuickFix padded splints for treating fractures, special pressure bandage pack, aluminum finger set, eye compress, blister plaster for fingers and toes , eye patch, one-handed tourniquet, rescue blanket, respiratory aids, set of instruments, eye wash, alcohol swabs and many more.

First aid course to prepare for emergencies

On board a long-distance sailor there is also a small surgical set and the corresponding infusion material. For interested water sports enthusiasts, awn offers the special course Medical Care on Board - emergency medicine on board - at the Skipper Academy. This is a certified course of World Sailing, App.H. including first aid certificate.

Our “Medical Care – Emergency Medicine on Board” seminar, which is specially designed for yachting, is mainly aimed at sailors and water sports enthusiasts who are in areas with poor medical care or far from the coast.

If you can't reach a port within 12 hours, you're on your own at sea. Proper preparation for continuous stress on the part of skipper and crew (without having failures on board) is an important prerequisite for safe ship management.

What is to be done as a skipper on board a yacht if unexpected events or illnesses occur among crew members at sea? How do I best prepare the crew and ship to prevent illness or attacks? Is the skipper or a crew member able to do what is right and necessary after the emergency has occurred?